Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay honored to join my first Health Fair!

Health Fairs are a great way to experience Myofascial Release and see what its all about.  Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay has been asked to participate in St. John Vianney Catholic’s and St Alban’s Faith Community Nurses Annual Health Fair.  The event will be this Sunday January 31st, 2016 9:30am-1:30pm at St John Vianney Catholic Church in the Monsignor Trainor Parish Hall (north side of the church) located at 445 Blind Pass Rd, St. Pete Bch, FL 33707.

I am aware that this might be short notice as I was just asked to participate 24 hours ago in the special Health Fair event but I sure hope that you can attend or pass this notice to anyone you know that might be interested.  I have spent the day putting together a great interactive agenda for all those who wish to come and learn more about Myofascial Release Therapy and how you can benefit from this approach.  I will be offering a FREE 10-15 minute mini session.  No worries, Myofascial Release is the most unique, effective and gentle approach of manual (massage) therapy and it can be delivered without having to remove any clothing except maybe a jacket if it is cold. Suffer from headaches, TMJ, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Low Back Back, Stiffness or simply just want to feel what true and authentic Myofascial Release (Barnes Approach) actually feels like then this is the place and space for you.  When clients receive Myofascial Release delivered by a highly experienced and trained John Barnes therapist like myself,  they are guaranteeing themselves a winner.  Clients that receive this work never lose and so in keeping with that theme, I will be offering everyone that receives a free mini session also take part in a drawing where everyone is guaranteed a winner too – Prizes for Everyone! Free Treatment for as many as time will allow!

Health Fairs are great ways for the public community to come and see, feel and learn what types of treatment options are available in their community. Treatment does not always have to be rehabilatative in nature, it can be preventative and even maintenace.  Just like nutrition and hydration, manual body work is great for the overall health of the human body, mind and spirit. When our bodies move well and feel well, illnesses and injuries can be prevented.  It is a great gift to give yourself and what better way than for free and with the guarantee of prizes.  The greatest prize I ever received was the day I walked into my first Myofascial Release seminar with John Barnes and felt the immediate and profound results of this approach and everyday since I still am a winner. Myofascial Release is the only form of manual therapy that can deliver results that last, without forcing the body and creating increased harm.  Come and meet me, Heather Bryan, PTA, LMT on Sunday, you will not be disappointed I am sure of that!  Look for the Girl in Pink and come get treated and take home lots of prizes and goodies.  See you there at the Health Fair this Sunday.

St. John’s Parish January Bulletins

Directions to St. John’s

The Girl in Pink

Heather Bryan, PTA, LMT The Girl in Pink

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