What Makes a New Years Resolution Fail?

What Makes a New Years Resolution Fail?

What Makes a New Years Resolution Fail? As the New Year is approaching and everyone begins to make their resolutions, lets think about making them today. Why wait? Isn’t any day just as good of a start as another? Why not begin now?  Personally I do like to start something new on a Monday never a Friday. Why not sure, but what I do know is that I like to challenge myself to set new goals, dreams or aspirations anytime but certainly never on New Year’s Eve.  I have always been one to not color inside of the lines in certain regards and this is one of them. Too much hype in what we are expected to do I suppose.  This is a main aspect of Myofascial Release as well. There are no rules except never force, never lead. Setting a resolution on New Years’ eve seems forced to me and I was never able to maintain whatever resolution I had set for myself. This of course would lead to a path of self-disappointment and a sense of failure and definitely form restrictions with in myself and reinforce a dysfunctional belief systems.  The main theme is to feel that there is something that no longer serves us, you, me and to make a resolution with one’s self to release it and make room, make space for something new.

I know that as I am so blessed to be an active member of a new way of life both personally and professionally through Myofascial Release.  Myofascial Release (MFR) has benefited my life in more than just physical ways but in an entire approach to how I deal with life in general. So I made my first “resolution” last month to resume faithfully participation in not only self-treating but with a physical wellness program. Myofascial Release is not only an inward journey but external as well. The container that carries the core of who I am internally, needs to be physically able to carry such precious cargo, my heart and soul, my essence, my fascial system!  I also have realized that the physical exercise that I place upon myself needs to come from wanting to FEEL better and NOT to look better!  Hard truth is that I spent years upon years, hours upon countless hours of placing my body and fascia into harms way all in an effort to look at certain way.  A way that was a belief system that reinforce aesthetics at any cost and not what was actually good for my body and all its systems.  This type of belief system that was not in my best interest nor our childrens but we see time and time again repeat itself. So I am reinforcing a better way, a new belief system to me, for me, for my health and one that suites my fascia the best.

I would wish that maybe everyone make any time, any day, a day of new revelations and resolutions.  If Tuesdays are your favorite days of the week then let it begin on Tuesday. If half way on your way to your resolution you realize that its not right, then modify it,change it. That is the beauty of not only the statement but another facet of the Myofascial Release principles.  Make the resolution more fitting to becoming a way of life verses an absolute black or white, succeed or fail, right or wrong.  Just like healing is not linear but is progressive, so are resolutions.  Resolutions should be progressive and because we are not human and not perfect but  are all daring to be great, they don’t have to be anything other than supportive verses restrictive and cause further harm to the fascial system of your life.

With love and hope much success and peace now and through all the New Years to come!

Heather Bryan, PTA, LMT
Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay




CranioSacral Fascial Therapy Unites with Myofascial Release

CranioSacral Fascial Therapy Unites with Myofascial Release

CranioSacral Fascial Therapy Unites with MFR

CranioSacral Fascial Therapy unites with Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay.  I am blessed to be able to expand my knowledge, taking my training and therapeutic approach to treating clients young and not so young alike to a newer and deeper level, a whole new dimension. I am very excited to get to immerse myself into the best of both worlds with learning CranioSacral Fascial Therapy by Dr. Barry Gillespie D.M.D., M.S.D., L.M.T. whom has been trained himself by John F Barnes and John Upledger and combining with my trainings in Myofascial Release (the Barnes method).  Dr. Gillespie has taken his skills and knowledge in Dentistry and combined it with training in Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapies which has resulted in the creation and development of CranioSacral Fascial Therapy. This hands on approach is safe, effective and treats both adults, pediatrics and infants including new born babies.

craniosacral fascial therapy

A Realization of Deeper Levels within the Fascial Web

A realization has been presenting more and more through my treatments of newborn babies that their little fascial systems which have restrictions just like adults do but the difference is the length of time they have been present and many times correct rather easily or do not take as much time as lets say an adult with a restriction that began at birth. I have begun to see how the restrictions of adults can and most times do begin as far back as in the womb and birth. The systems of these infants are in most cases easily in corrected or released from symptoms and dysfunction.  When I began to look for further knowledge and to deepen my skills time and time again Dr. Gillespie and his approach came to the top of the list.

Beliefs and Philosophies for the Future of Healthcare

CranioSacral Fascial Therapy (CSFT or CFT) revolves around the belief that the newborn work redefines the global infant standard of care by resulting in:
Healthier Babies: This work significantly decreases the incidence of at least 15 diseases.
Smarter Babies: This work optimizes the function of the brain and spinal cord.
Stronger Babies: This work creates a “structural immunity” for active and growing children.
Happier Babies: Everyone on the planet loves a happy baby. We are the happy baby people. https://gillespieapproach.com/

I love that his philosophy that CFT therapist is “holding the Light for the unborn billions” as this philosophy falls in line with my belief that through traditional authentic Myofascial Release, lives can be changed and both CFT and MFR should be the way in which healthcare is delivered and not by forcing a system that cannot be forced and allowing the body to self correct. I along with many other MFR therapist hold the Light for the Future of all of Health Care not only in this country but the world.

Myofascial Release’s New Home a Destination

Myofascial Release’s New Home a Destination

Welcome to Our New Home

My Dreams of a Destination Come True

My dream of a space, a place, where clients, individuals like you and me can come to heal has a physical destination.  2245 49th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33710. This is not just a location, it’s the infinite   “Destination” to where the healing journey begins. A destination where  the possibilities are infinitely endless for your body, mind and spirit. A place where you will hopefully feel at home inside and out. The possibilities of this destination that specializes in John F Barnes Myofascial Release will offer Myofascial Release on Land, Myofascial Mermaid Release in a warm water therapy pool as well as Myofascial Release Yoga.  I can now provide group self care, group unwinding, and community outreach center.  I have been directly trained in all three forms of Myofascial services which John F Barnes personally approved as complimenting forms of Barnes Myofascial Release Modalities. Yoga and Water MFR available by years end or sooner. Group classes and self care are available currently.  For more information please contact me at

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Modern Science Is Finally Catching Up To John Barnes Myofascial Release

Modern Science Is Finally Catching Up To John Barnes Myofascial Release

Modern Science Fluidity of Fascia


Modern Science Finally Catching Up To John Barnes!

Modern Science is actually catching up and matching what John Barnes has been saying for over 40 years. What an accomplishment to see in one’s lifetime, history and science being re-written or written in general matching what one has known all along. My mentor never wavered in his beliefs and knowing of what he felt intuitively under his hands.  John “leaned into the wind” as he refers to it and has made it is life mission to pass this gentle and authentic form of healing onto hundreds of thousands of health care practitioners like myself. We each then have dedicated to mastering the art and skill of Myofascial Release to help individuals obtain a high standard of health and live a pain-free and joyous life and heal into wholeness.

The 3 Main Researchers, Scientist and Physicians

Modern Science archtech

In 2015, French hand surgeon, Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, published a new book Architecture of Human Living Fascia. Using a digital, endoscopic video camera on live human tissues, Dr. Giumberteau has demonstrated the vital importance of the fascial system. His key discovery is how living matter is organized within a continuous fibrillar network and how this network permits simultaneous mobility, absorption of forces and sliding and dividing while having no effect on surrounding tissues. This beautifully photographed and illustrated book reveals our inner structures: polyhedral microvacuoles which contain liquids under pressure, the observable evidence of tensegrity , millions of fibers in a network of apparent chaos yet organized in “fractal” patterns.
At the Fascial Congress in Washington, DC in 2015, researchers revealed that sustained pressure greater than 5 minutes into the human body creates the production of Interlukin 8, the body’s natural cancer fighting agent.Modern Science 4th phaseDr. Gerald Pollack, an expert in fluid dynamics, has discovered a fourth phase of water that is liquid crystalline in nature. Dr. Pollack’s work confirms that this fourth phase of water resides in the human being and is most likely found in the fascial system. Dr. Pollack supports the importance of treating the fluid aspect of the fascial system with hands-on pressure.modern science ground substanceAfter 30 years of research, one of Germany’s leading scientists, Dr. Alfred Pischinger, reports that the fascial system is the environment of every cell of the human body. Of the trillions of cells in a human body, only the fascial system is capable of communicating with all of them. And it communicates at speeds millions of times faster than a human nerve cell. Not to mention all nerve cells are surrounded by fascia!

Not Just Any Form of Myofascial Release Will Do

John F. Barnes's Myofascial Release ApproachMyofascial Release is the Broad term but that is similar to lets say “automobile”.  Sure we all know and have heard of automobiles but what type of automobile do you drive or prefer to drive. This is the same for Myofascial Release.  The preferred method that stands out above the rest is the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release.  It is the definitive method and provides not only lasting results but the approach is gentle and safe, never forcing, never injuring, never causing harm.  One does not learn this method by reading a book or being shown by someone other than John or one of his approved instructors.  As John Barnes trained therapist we are taught to find the pain and also look elsewhere for the cause and treat that as well. We treat the whole person and assist them to heal into wholeness.  Often and many times a Barnes trained therapist repeats their training as to refine their skills, and keep up to date on the latest finding as well as watch the Barnes method of Myofascial Release truly become an “alternative no more”

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For more information on myofascial release please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com/ to find a therapist near you visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com/resources/ or contact me @  https://www.mfroftampabay.com/contact-mfr-therapist/

Whole Healing Myofascial Release Healing Into Wholeness

Whole Healing Myofascial Release Healing Into Wholeness

Myofascial Release Treats The Whole Person

Whole Healing Myofascial Release – Healing into Wholeness with Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Whole Healing MFRWhole healing and healing into wholeness through myofascial release is not only possible but necessary.  Whole Healing beyond just the part of you that hurts, beyond that one spot.  Many times in life past and present we are viewed upon and treated by the traditional medical system based upon a specific pieces or part of ourselves. We see this doctor for this symptom, that doctor for that symptom, this other doctor or therapist for this other symptom and so on and so forth.  This is a very myopic view point and we ourselves are conditioned to think of ourselves as such.  “My Shoulder hurts” “I have a Head-ache” Maybe they are related. or “My Right Low Back Hurts” and “My Left Knee Hurts”, Maybe there are related. They very well could be related and there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the horizon looks bright.  In the not too distance future there is a shift occurring from the traditional approach of treating the body from myopic parts and transitioning into treating the whole person.  Fortunate for me and ultimately you, the shift that is happening comes in the form of Myofascial Release and comes to you from a Barnes trained specialist like myself.

The “Golden Standard of Myofascial Release 

John F. Barnes's Myofascial Release ApproachMyofascial Release is a broad term that describes many different types of manual therapy.  Through both personal and professional experience, as well as the countless success stories heard and witnessed world wide, undoubtedly the Barnes Myofascial Release approach effectively and successfully treats the whole person, heals the whole person including the symptom .  The John F Barnes Myofascial Release approach as taught by John F Barnes is a hands-on soft tissue technique that facilities the movement and healing of the fascial system as a whole. The “myofascial” or “fascial” system is a continuous 3-D web of connective tissue that surrounds, infiltrates, and connects every tissue, organ, and cell of our body from head to toe, skin to spine and all areas in between.  The ultimate goal of Myofascial Release (MFR) is to help release fascial restrictions (e.g. scars, tissue damage, stress, trauma, birth injuries etc.) gently and over time to allow your body to properly realign and heal naturally, thus returning you and your body to normal function, movement and sensation.  Fascia’s function is to provide support and structure to the body as well as work as a bracing mechanism from injuries much like a shock absorber.

For more information on Fascia and further information as to the specifics of (MFR) please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com/about-myofascial-release/

The Golden Missing Piece of The Puzzle

Myofascial Release golden pieceThe Barnes approach to Myofascial Release is not only the Golden Standard in (MFR) but it is the Golden Missing Piece in all of traditional approaches to healthcare. Fascia is a continuous web that responds to tensions in other areas of the body.  It can be difficult to visualize the impact and importance of this beautiful tissue. An easier cMyofascial Release Jellocomparison is a bowl of jello with pieces of fruit floating in it.  Each piece of fruit within the bowl of jello represents all the various muscles, bones and organs, while the jello represents fascia. Visualize the jello being jiggled or compressed which causes the whole bowl of jello to move and be affected as well. This is just how fascia responds and because of this very fact, we as Barnes trained Myofascial Release Therapist are treating and assisting the entire system to heal. One simply cannot treat only one aspect of the body, one piece without affecting the whole system, the whole person. You are more than parts, you are so much more and deserve to be treated as a whole person, body, mind and spirit.

Fascia is as Unique as Your Finger Prints

Myofascial Release Myofascial Release Fascial Uniquenesstreats the whole person, not just the parts, not just the symptoms.  Traditional healthcare identifies with parts, with pieces, with symptoms and then places “Labels” upon them and then society wants to define you, me, us accordingly. We are more than a label!  By definition, a “label” aka a “diagnosis” is a term for a collection of symptoms.  Many times symptoms like pain, weakness, fatigue etc are the commonality between the various “Labels”. The label is then determined by the number or type of symptoms  that you present with. I don’t know but in my most humble opinion the only label that I have is either my name, my gender and my species. I am not my neck pain, my shoulder pain, my whatever “fill in the blank”.  Fascia is unique just like our finger prints. We all have finger prints and there are no two finger prints alike and so is the resulting restriction that occurs when the Fascia becomes injured or in a state of dis-ease and this is where symptoms begin to manifest.  We both can have shoulder pain but the cause can arise from two totally different reasons or areas within the body that have responded to an event causing distortion. Please note this is not by any means to disregards any systemic illnesses or disease processes. This is an attempt to bring back a whole person approach to treating each of us. I want us all to broaden the views of our selves and our symptoms to a more global view, a whole system vantage point. It is when we begin to see the bigger picture of ourselves and what is going on within our bodies and begin to trust what we feel on the inside verses what the label describes us as.

You do have parts and you do have symptoms but they do not define you!

Myofascial Release LabelsI would like to examine the various symptoms that are often felt in the various parts of the body but lets first examine the word Disease. Disease is a given name or label for a collection of symptoms. Many times we have to have a certain number of symptoms in order to qualify to earn the label of a given illness or disease.   Did you know that most all diseases or “Label” have the same or very similar symptoms? Each disease, ilness or “Label” then has as a specific variant or two that might distinguish it from the others. As technology advances and the minds and views of the medical community broaden, Fascia and the manner in which the body is treated is the Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release is being accept solution to treatment and is “alternative no more“. So many “Labels” and/or symptoms are effortlessly released and melted away with the gentle sustained pressure used with Myofascial Release.  This fact is why a Barnes trained therapist might be releasing your hips when you in fact came for the nagging left shoulder pain. We treat the whole person, at that includes the symptoms and looking and feeling further into the fascial system for the other areas of restriction or the root cause.

Treating the Whole You

heart-puzzle-300x263Below is just a small comparison of some known symptoms associated with some of the more common Labels, Diseases.  In addition, I am not stating that you should not seek out medical advice and intervention, I am just attempting to show how treating the whole person and not just a particular symptoms is going to provide some lasting relief for the whole you.  Myofascial release if nothing else provides the body a way to release stresses and strains and bring an ease to the body, mind and spirit. I have looked at the symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, loss of function, joint aches, muscle aches, swelling, fatigue, memory/brain difficulties, bladder and bowel difficulties, stomach difficulties, vertigo, visual difficulties, sleeping difficulties, respiratory difficulties, cardiac issues, emotional changes, and difficulty with movement. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Polymyalgia, MS, and Lyme all have all if not most of the same symptomologies of each other.  Myofascial Release looks beyond the label or the symptom, we look at how you and your body mind and spirit are moving and feeling and by using the techniques taught to us by my mentor and friend, John Barnes, many symptoms melt away or are certainly diminished in severity.  Many times I can have any number of the symptoms above but I am without a disease, illness or label, I am simply a grateful therapist assisting others in gently finding and releasing their symptomatic fascial restrictions away.

For more information on how to see and feel Myofascial Release and its endless benefits that it has to offer and provide you, your body, mind and spirit please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com/.  For further articles of interest https://www.mfroftampabay.com/resources/