Healing Therapy, How Long Will It Take

Healing Therapy, How Long Will It Take

Healing Therapy

How Long Will It Take

Healing is a Journey

Healing therapy begins the moment you decide to schedule an appointment and begin to regain control of your health.  Actually it really begins the moment you decide that the traditional forms of treatment simply are not working to eliminate pain, improve mobility and flexibility and restore function to you and your life. The actual time span of how many days, weeks or even years spent receiving treatments that do not work or provide lasting results baffles me. I often hear clients speak of going for treatment for the same condition for years because the treatments are only addressing the symptoms of whatever ails you!  Myofascial Release treatments does relieve and treat the symptoms but more importantly myofascial release treats the entire body, the cause of the symptoms.  Also in many cases myofascial release actually improves issues that once were thought to be unchangeable.  I would personally rather receive 1 session of myofascial release than 1 more day/year of treatments that do not work. The industry standards for treatment of chronic and acute conditions that results in pain, weakness, immobility, fatigue, loss of functions, decreased performance both recreational and professional, digestive issues, mental fogginess, TMJ, headaches, women’s and men’s health issues, balance deficits, or even for the overall maintenance of a healthy state of body, mind, and spirit are out dated and simply do not last or provide results. With myofascial release it is true that sometimes all it takes is one or two sessions and yes sometimes it does take longer but the overall benefit of receiving myofascial release far out weight not receiving myofascial release at all!

Healing Therapy

Here is the crux of the question, “how long and how many”.  It IS NOT just the merely the fact of receiving myofascial release, it is the TYPE of myofascial release that is the number one and key factor.  The type of myofascial release received should only be received from a John Barnes trained therapist!  The results that are available to you and your body are endless when they are the Barnes method of Myofascial Release.  See the term myofascial release is a broad and generalized term just like the word hamburger. We all know how many different types of restaurants that serve hamburgers and there are just as many therapist that do perform the general and generic forms of myofascial release.  However authentic healing and lasting results are easily obtained when treated by a Barnes trained therapist.  Your body, mind and spirit are too precious and the journey to your healing to settle for anything less than the best. A Barnes trained therapist like myself, have one goal in mind and that is to safely, effectively help you reclaim your life.  We never force the tissues or you and we incorporate self-care into every session so that you can take back your life, and take over your own body’s needs.  LIfe is a journey just like healing and you should be in charge of both.  Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay can help you do that. Visit me to see how we can begin your journey today.  Let today be the day. https://www.mfroftampabay.com/

Myofascial Self-Care

Myofascial Self-Care

Myofascial Release Self-Care ~ Self Love

Myofascial Self-Care Quote Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay

Myofascial Self-Care – The importance, The ease

Myofascial Self-Care is very important. Myofascial Self-Care is nothing like the painful home exercise programs of years past. I remember the time when my own doctor/therapist asked me if I had been doing the exercises that I had been shown, and the answer was ….NO!   I realized in that moment why I did not do as I was instructed even though I was a physical therapist assistant.  Simply, they were too painful as well as unmotivating and boring.   When something hurts or does not bring us joy or a reward, whether we are a therapist or not, we simply are not going to do them.  Myofascial Release Self Care follows the same principles as does Myofascial Release Therapy.  It is gentle, never forces, feels good, immediate results felt, progress is onward and upward and did I mention it is not Painful.  The motto no pain, no gain does not apply here. Actually the motto is pain equals no gain!

5 Minutes ~ All the time you need

Myofascial Release Self-care can be done just about anywhere and all you needs is at least 5 minutes. Self Care can be done when you first wake up, at the kitchen counter while waiting for coffee, in the car waiting at a stop light, in the shower, really anywhere.  Actually when the self-care is easy and painless, we all tend to “make” time verses find time. Another benefit is that it actually helps to not only maintain but to progress the ability of the fascia to continue to release between treatment sessions as well as address anything new that tends to arise within the body.  It is the goal of all myofascial release therapy for you the client to be able to take back full control of your body, mind, spirit, reclaiming your health and fully regain a pain-free active lifestyle. With myofascial release therapy you do recover more fully and you don’t have to been treated forever. Certainly, clients do enjoy receiving myofascial release and utilize it in a more preventative fashion like self-care being the daily brushing of teeth and a treatment like going to the hygienists for a deeper cleansing.

The Goal of Self-Care ~ The Goal of Therapy

Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay’s goal for each and everyone of us is to live a fluid, active, happy, pain-free life.  Whether you do or don’t have any certain specific pain or ache but would like to learn a better way of performing self-care stretching and exercise, myofascial self care is a great option for you too. We can teach and demonstrate various activities and techniques designed just for you. Visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com/ to see how we can help you gain fascial freedom.

Mobile Myofascial Release Advantages

Mobile Myofascial Release Advantages

Myofascial Release at Home

The Advantages-The Perks-The Rewards


Mobile Myofascial Release

Mobile Myofascial Release is my preferred method of receiving and delivering treatment. As a Physical Therapist Assistant with 20+ years of experience to date, I provided care which was mandated by insurance companies and protocols especially in an outpatient setting where eventually I was seeing upwards of 12-15 patients a day. The demands of such were no longer rewarding for either myself or my clients and I then transitioned into the home care setting which allowed for more personalized one and one care with clients and I spent the last 16 years. The home care setting is a more accurate representation of what life is really like and the physical challenges that we have to endure with the various activities of daily living we each have. When we have pains, aches, weakness, fatigue, immobility, or even stress such activities and the actually setting they are tackled in can be challenging to say the least. One of the greatest accomplishments as a therapist is assisting a client in being able to make minor adaptations or changes in their physical environment to help them progress to a more functional pain-free active lifestyle in or out of the home. However even the home care setting could not avoid the pitfalls of the insurance company mandates of numbers verses outcomes. This is where my own journey began transitioning from therapist to patients through an injury in 2013. It was through my own personal experiences now as a patient with pain, immobility and that lead to the discovery of myofascial release. After experiencing the immediate results personally, I knew that my professional life was about to change dramatically and so the advent of a new private practice free of mandates and protocols and a new set of initials after my name, “LMT”. One thing that did not change was my preferred place of practice~ in the home.  It is my own personal experience and expertise of receiving treatment at home that feels and sees the benefits of home treatment.

Mobile Myofascial Release Treatments – Provide Faster Progress

Mobile Myofascial Release – at-Home treatments htaking-action-editedave lots of benefits over traveling to an outpatient center. Considerable evidence has been gathered showing that the personalized care you receive from in-home therapy actually boosts the progress of healing. Clients receiving treatment in a familiar setting tend to be able to soften and relax with greater ease. In addition the home sessions provided can be more focused and intensive by limiting distractions and stress of trying to fit a therapy treatment in based on my schedule whereas home therapy can be more accommodating to your schedule. Generally, the cost of in-home therapy may be greater but with Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay there is no additional fees for travel, holidays, nights or weekends. It is my personal experience that you could actually end up saving money in the long run by paying for sessions that are much more efficient. In addition, sometimes you are simply in too much pain to actually leave to get to an outpatient clinic and home care can be a short term resolution to assist you to regain the ability to leave home and return to being treated outside of the home.

No driving, No Return of Bracing Patterns Afterwards


Bracing and Driving Posture

When you receive an in home myofascial release therapy, you don’t have to worry about driving home or getting stuck in traffic. You have to be alert to drive, and alertness can shorten the relaxation benefits of your treatment. The alertness and potential stresses of driving can lead to the return of bracing of the newly released myofascial tissues. The Greater Tampa Bay Area is rated 99th in the “world” for the worst driving conditions which includes poor roads, amount of traffic volume and number of accidents.  Personally when I have had to drive home after therapy, many of my tight areas begin to brace and tighten right back up.  In addition, you actually save time in your schedule that driving to and from therapy actually takes as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle and the expense of fuel.  With 16 years driving the roads and providing treatment in this manner and now with the expertise of Myofascial Release, why not let Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay take care of all
of that for you.

 Pro-long the Relaxation Benefits and Experience Deeper Relaxation


Benefits of Relaxation

An in home treatment enables you to really prolong your relaxed state of being. Relaxation requires focusing your attention within and withdrawing it from your five senses and the external world. When you travel to another location to receive treatment, your senses are usually on high alert because of the sensory input of the new space. When you’re at home, you’re so accustomed to the space, that you’re better able to relax more quickly and to allow your body to soften. This helps you move deeper during the session especially if you’re receiving a treatment for stress and/or anxiety relief as well as headaches. In-home myofascial release can deliver more hand-on full length treatment times by the fact that set up/take down, initial assessment and self-care training are not a part of the treatment time, the time begins when the actual treatment starts. This is my personal preference. When mandated by insurance companies, I was only given so long for the entirety of the treatments, no more, no less and was something that I never understood or liked and made a promise to never comply to that if I were to have my own business. Many times when you get an in home treatment from Myofascial Release and Wellness you actually get a little longer because I am not in a rush and schedule plenty of time between clients to allot for such and travel time…..BECAUSE.…..

You’re Not Just a Number!


You are always #1

How many of us have waited for medical appointments for a long time and the MD only comes in and spends 5-10 minutes with us and half of that is writing or typing in a chart? How many of us have gone into the traditional therapy setting and seen the therapist for only a few minutes of the actual time we were there because there were seeing 5-7 other people at the same time. This does not increase quality of care no does it promote ease. When you receive an in home treatment it is more personal, you are not just a number, I as the therapist have no other distractions and you receive a higher quality and level of care resulting in a more effective and faster outcome.

 Myofascial Release and Myofascial Self-Care 



Myofascial Release is not just about the treatment received by a therapist, it is about the ability to perform the self-care between sessions. This is not the home exercise program that we all never performed as advised by our MD or therapist because it hurt or wasn’t rewarding. Myofascial Self Care actually feels good, is progressive, and pays off in faster recover, faster response times during follow-up care and saves money and time in the end. Also due to the fact that life can always present us with an ache or pain, we then have a way to treat new areas and avoid potential problems that had us seek myofascial release therapy in the first place. It gives us our power over our own health care. Myofascial Release also gives us a way to approach any form of physical activities that we partake in.  It is an approach to allowing our bodies to actually feel and not get injured any further.

The Expertise of Ergonomics in the Home/Office


Ergonomics Home and Office

The Ergonomics of the home and where the self care is going to be performed and what already in the home could be used safely and correctly as a treatment tool or spot is very important. Sometimes a simply change or modification in the approach can be easily done and benefits more rewarding. It is one thing to perform the self care activities in the MD or therapist office and then its another when you get home. Whether it is the bed is softer than the treatment table, the chair lower or higher than the one at the office or adjusting the computer and desk levels to a better and more suitable position, a home visit can make sure that you can perform ADL’s activities of daily living or the self care activities successfully. The easier something is to do the more likely we are to actually complete them. In addition it further add another successful layer to the elimination of the fascial restrictions and in preventing their return.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to begin to relax and release the constrictions of your fascia?  Then please visit Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay to schedule your next therapy appointment today or to learn more about Myofascial Release Therapy. If a home session is not suitable to your needs then we do have a location that can be arranged and utilized to ensure that you are getting all the benefits you and your fascia need to return to a pain-free active and healthy life-style.

This is the opinion of Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay. We by no means are stating that receiving myofascial release treatment in an Myofascial Release clinic is not beneficial!  What is not beneficial is not getting treated.  This is a business and personal model that works well for me and many of my clients.  The hope for the future is that all of healthcare implements the Myofascial Release standards that have been taught and shown to us by John F Barnes. By all of healthcare, I mean all levels and places whether its acute care, long term care, out-patient, in-patient, and fitness centers. If you are not within the Greater Tampa Bay Area then please visit www.mfrtherapists.com to locate a therapist in your state. 

Home provides greater Relaxation

Myofascial Release in Water

Myofascial Release in Water

Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay

Learns to Swim with the Fascial Mermaid of Maine

Myofascial Release on land is outstanding and in water, takes it to a whole new level.  Since the moment I set off to find my personal fascial freedom from the constraints and crippling pain of my fascia restrictions that had a strong hold on my body, I began to dream and feel for a future, one that saw myself as a Myofascial Release Therapist.  From the very moment I realized that I wanted to transition my professional life as a physical therapist assistant into a Myofascial Release Therapist, I have held a few visionary dreams which have turned into a reality, one by one.  One of the first visions was to be of service and provide treatment to the wounded warriors and first responders of this great country. I am very happy to have had a few opportunities to provide and be a part of such, with continuing efforts each and everyday. Another aspect of my vision for my private practice was to perform Myofascial Release therapy in the water. I love the water and find it very soothing and peaceful.  On one of my visits to Sedona, AZ this past summer I was able to be a part of a group treatment in the water that was beyond amazing.  It provided me with a greater appreciation for the ability of the water to offset gravity which has a huge impact on our physical bodies. It also provided an awareness of one of the main aspects of a Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist can provide to the treatment and that is to assist to take gravity out of the equation.  This allows the body to release and move more freely to move through various positions and time in space.

Water therapy has always been a part of physical therapy and was a main aspect of my first PTA job out of college, but that was treating with the traditional means of therapy and not Myofascial Release which is highly effective, gentle and provides lasting results.  Seeing that I happen to reside in the Sunshine State and most individuals here have access to a pool or are in close proximity to the beach, I feel that getting the proper training in safely providing MFR in the water seems fitting and necessary. Now I am beyond thrilled to announce that Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay will be taking part in a new program that is being offered to Myofascial Release Therapist which involves learning how to safely and more effectively provide authentic Myofascial Release in the water. This program was developed and designed by my friend and colleague Emily Ann Estes, PTA, LMT owner of the Wild Grace Wellness Center in Maine.  She has designed and developed this program with the blessings from our mentor and founder of Myofascial Release, John F Barnes.  The program follows and maintains all the principles that apply to the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach on land. Actually when on land or by sea, a Barnes trained therapist always maintains the principles we have been taught.  So, get ready for Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay to offer and provide Myofascial Release treatments in the local waters near you. For more information about dates and services currently provided please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.comor for more information about WildGrace Wellness Center in Maine please visit http://www.wildgracewellness.com/

water therapy

Water Therapy Heals

Myofascial Mermaid

Emily Estes, PTA, LMT Myofascial Mermaid


water is the first and foremost medicine, inside and out

Hydrotherapy has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. It also takes gravity out of the system and allows for the therapist to treat the client truly 3 dimensionally without the treatment table getting in the way. For more information on the benefits of hydrotherapy please visit https://www.massagemag.com/soak-up-the-benefits-of-hydrotherapy-29341/

Feeling the Feelings with the Help of Myofascial Release

Feeling the Feelings with the Help of Myofascial Release


Feelings - We must Feel to Heal

The Story Doesn’t Matter, The Emotions and the Feelings Do!

Feeling felt begin without words, less talking.  Getting better at the ability to feel and ultimately to heal begins with the all encompassing approach called Myofascial Release.  When we talk about the event through words telling the story, the scenario of what has created pain or dysfunction within our body, mind or spirit, we lose the ability to really feel the emotions, restrictions and effects the event created within on our body’s primary system of function and communication called the Myofascial System.  The Myofascial System of the human body composed of Fascia is connected to every cell whether muscle, bone, nerve, or organ within that system and this includes other species of animals as well.   When we repeatedly talk about an event or injury over and over whether physical or emotional, we deny the myofascial system to fully process all those necessary feelings and emotions that the “story or cause” created within us.  We deny ourselves the ability to fully and completely heal.

Feel to Heal - We Must Begin to Feel to Heal

We Must Begin to Feel to Heal

As we begin to feel the feelings, whatever they are within our bodies and we begin to detach from the story of who, why, what, where or when the feelings were caused and/or created, we actually begin to make huge shifts in the physical state our bodies are in.  Do you really “think” you do not have feelings about a certain event that caused a physical strained on your body?  How about when the physical strain caused you an increase in discomfort or to have to miss out on something really important you were wanting to do?  How about when the physical strain caused you pain?

Feeling and Being Okay is Okay even if it is not Okay right now!

Being Okay is Ok even if it’s not Okay right now!

Sometimes we need to feel and “be” with and accept a particular emotion that is stirred up and felt within ourselves no matter how small or large, real or seemingly insignificant.  There is no set time frame in which we have to feel a certain emotion but there is one thing that is for definite and very real, if we do not feel and process emotions or the physical deficits that are involved with trauma, injury or emotional strains, it most certainly will cause dysfunction within the fascial system of our bodies.  The dysfunction in most cases is what is known as a restriction which is caused by a solidification of the ground substance of the fascia.  The ground substance in the body gives us our fluidity and flexibility and when injured its gives us tightness, restrictions and pain. The ground substance hardens and is kind of like water turning into ice, and can often feel as hard as bone.  This can in most cases be avoided and resolved if we process the emotions that we are feeling at the time they arise within us and let them be actually felt and then move through us and we can then maintain our fluidity and flexibility.

Feeling the Feelings to Heal

Getting Better at Feeling~JFB

Through the use of Myofascial Release, the Barnes Approach, a therapist can find areas of tightness and restrictions that are within the body’s fascia which causing aches or pains and can lead to an array of symptoms that can then become labels or names of various illnesses.  Myofascial Release can be utilized to simply to maintain a general state of well-being and even be used to improve physical abilities with various activities whether recreational or professional.  Myofascial Release can be used very effectively for poor postural alignment due to birthing injuries or sedentary activities of work and life. To completely resolve most types of fascial restrictions, one must get better at feeling and find a highly skilled Barnes trained Myofascial Release Therapist. For more information about what Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay can help assist you with please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com on line or call 727-755-1982.  I can feel you will not regret the decision to begin to feel and move your body and life like you have never felt before