While going through my past years notes from the various Myofascial Release seminars I have attended, I found where I wrote “DARE to BE GREAT”. Well I have certainly taken and risen to the request, the “DARE” that my mentor John F. Barnes’ presented in the statement. The statement holds so many truths. Through my dedication to explore and not only learn the skill of Myofascial Release but to become Myofascial Release I have realized that we all can be “GREAT” and without the EGO of being better than someone else. I am a GREAT therapist as well as a GREAT student, patient and partner in this amazing life that I get to explore everyday through the soft and gentle loving nature of fascia. In a world were we are pitted against one another all striving to be on top and not caring who or what it cost us on the climb there, it is so undeniably GREAT to realize that I am at the top of GREATNESS where ever I am.  I could be at the bottom of the ladder and its still GREAT. Realizations that every step is no better or no less that the one before it or the next one to come. Being present in the very moment is GREAT.

Then I expanded the thought from therapist to patient.  Sure everyone can have aches and pains that might be better or worse than the day before but how GREAT is it that we have a way of approaching not only the symptoms of life but life and all its manifestations and trappings with the GREATEST approach to health care Myofascial Release!  So the statement “DARE to Be Great” has become, Dare to FEEL GREAT? Why not?  Who would not want to feel GREAT?  So I am extending this challenge to not only to my current clients as well as to all those I have yet to meet  and to all the individuals that may not be in my neck of the world but in another Barnes’ trained therapist’s area.  I challenge all to DARE to not only Feel Better, but to DARE TO FEEL GREAT!  Myofascial Release can do just that especially when delivered in its purest and most authentic form, with compassion and without judgement. Myofascial Release is safe, gentle and highly effective in releasing areas of tightness and restriction that might be preventing you from feeling the GREATEST you have ever felt. Why not invest in yourself?  Why not rise to the challenge and let Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay help assist you on your path to GREATNESS with what I call the HEART-istry of MFR. Make your appointment today to feel the GREATNESS of MFR.  Heal Energize Align Restore Transform your body, mind and spirit to have the GREATEST life you were meant to have.

Here is the link to an archive of my mentor John’s post about Taking the Dare.

Invest in Yourself    –    https://massagemag.com/massage-blog/myofascial-release/2010/12/21/invest-in-yourself/