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Learns to Swim with the Fascial Mermaid of Maine

Myofascial Release on land is outstanding and in water, takes it to a whole new level.  Since the moment I set off to find my personal fascial freedom from the constraints and crippling pain of my fascia restrictions that had a strong hold on my body, I began to dream and feel for a future, one that saw myself as a Myofascial Release Therapist.  From the very moment I realized that I wanted to transition my professional life as a physical therapist assistant into a Myofascial Release Therapist, I have held a few visionary dreams which have turned into a reality, one by one.  One of the first visions was to be of service and provide treatment to the wounded warriors and first responders of this great country. I am very happy to have had a few opportunities to provide and be a part of such, with continuing efforts each and everyday. Another aspect of my vision for my private practice was to perform Myofascial Release therapy in the water. I love the water and find it very soothing and peaceful.  On one of my visits to Sedona, AZ this past summer I was able to be a part of a group treatment in the water that was beyond amazing.  It provided me with a greater appreciation for the ability of the water to offset gravity which has a huge impact on our physical bodies. It also provided an awareness of one of the main aspects of a Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist can provide to the treatment and that is to assist to take gravity out of the equation.  This allows the body to release and move more freely to move through various positions and time in space.

Water therapy has always been a part of physical therapy and was a main aspect of my first PTA job out of college, but that was treating with the traditional means of therapy and not Myofascial Release which is highly effective, gentle and provides lasting results.  Seeing that I happen to reside in the Sunshine State and most individuals here have access to a pool or are in close proximity to the beach, I feel that getting the proper training in safely providing MFR in the water seems fitting and necessary. Now I am beyond thrilled to announce that Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay will be taking part in a new program that is being offered to Myofascial Release Therapist which involves learning how to safely and more effectively provide authentic Myofascial Release in the water. This program was developed and designed by my friend and colleague Emily Ann Estes, PTA, LMT owner of the Wild Grace Wellness Center in Maine.  She has designed and developed this program with the blessings from our mentor and founder of Myofascial Release, John F Barnes.  The program follows and maintains all the principles that apply to the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach on land. Actually when on land or by sea, a Barnes trained therapist always maintains the principles we have been taught.  So, get ready for Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay to offer and provide Myofascial Release treatments in the local waters near you. For more information about dates and services currently provided please visit https://www.mfroftampabay.comor for more information about WildGrace Wellness Center in Maine please visit

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water is the first and foremost medicine, inside and out

Hydrotherapy has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. It also takes gravity out of the system and allows for the therapist to treat the client truly 3 dimensionally without the treatment table getting in the way. For more information on the benefits of hydrotherapy please visit