I Let Go


Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bays First Health Fair

MFR, Myofascial Release (MFR) helps release fears and see that there is no “I” in Team, MFR or in Fears! The only place it exists is in act of releasing and Letting Go! My Fear of putting myself out there to strangers is released a bit more. This was my morning view and these were my cards I drew before the start of a new way. Myofascial Release helps release fears of what you can do and accomplish with your life.


The Best Part of Me and My Team – MOM

MFR provided the most amazing day with love and support of this woman, my Mom, who made it flow just like a release of a restriction. She may not want to get on the table but behind the table, in front of the table, on the side of the table, she rocked it! When she called and offered her assistance to me for Sunday I was glad to have her company. I never really thought about how it would all flow, as this was my first, (and many to come) health fairs. I had 1 day available to prep and get everything ready and was blessed to be asked to join 48 hours prior to the event. I knew what I would want it to look like, and what was needed as far as materials, a table etc. I was preparing consent and release forms, handouts, all the goodies but never thought about who would be talking to the people who came to the booth. See Mom’s always see the bigger picture sometimes. She was nervous at first about what to say MFR is and does as see she does care for the top side of the t able “at this time”. So we rehearsed. Then before the event officially started, people were coming up signing up and immediately getting on the table. She did the rest and then some. After about the second or third person asking “what is MFR” I graciously felt my heart ringing because she was believing what she was saying, the fair goers were asking if she did the work as she was so knowledgeable and that can in my opinion come from the heart of belief.


MyoFascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay sharing MFR

Besides getting all the stuff signed, explained, set up, scheduled, She listened to what the people told her was wrong or their symptoms, watched how they moved and walked, they watched me do MFR, then watched their smiles and amazement on and off the table and some immediate results as they walked away and most went and got another friend or family member to come and try, even the other participants that had their own booths came for a try. My Mom kept me on time even noting how much I had remaining when I would need to close my eyes, she made the whole event possible and maybe organically consumed some first-hand visual, felt and energetic waves of the effects of this amazing work. Wow, the wonders of this work along with feeling how the universe works in such great ways, continues to bedazzle me every second. Before the event was over, I had 2 new clients scheduled for later in the day and even now more joy as I have now been asked to address my Mom’s surgical scars with as she put it “some MFR if I so wish”. See she likes Therapeutic Touch/Subtle Energy.


Morning View of Heaven


My MyoFascial Release Keepsakes to Remember the way!

So many people made yesterday a success whether in the front lines, sidelines, from a far and within. I spent yet another day in this blissful place that is heaven, at least my version. More and more, every day, every moment, every second is just this way and becoming my entirety of being in this belief system of joy, gratitude, happiness, especially brought not only my heart but my mementos that come from my very first venture into this magical place. My mom said I was like those ladies that play bingo and bring all their good luck charms and place on their tables! Damn right but the most important one of all is a heart full of love and joy. Thank you John for all of it and setting a little girl free to become what my purpose is on this planet.

PTA/LMT/TT2 JFB-MFR ALL classes registered for, taken, with multiple repeats and most definitely in need of Therapy for the Therapist in 21 days! Most Grateful patient, therapist, student and now “Presenter” and lover of this life and infinitely softening inward, expanding outward, below and beyond and so full of love and appreciation! I will be forever on repeat

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