Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay

Myofascial Release, serving Seminole, Florida, is a gentle, safe, highly effective, whole-body approach to treating the fascial system. Myofascial Release uses skilled, manual techniques to apply gentle sustained pressure into the fascia to reduce and eliminate fascial restrictions. Myofascial Release also uses the element of “time” 5 minutes or longer at the tissue barrier, to allow the facial to release naturally and not by force as in other methods. Myofascial Release has been extremely successful in treating all levels of pain, restoring function and mobility, and improving overall cellular health. The fascial system is considered one of the most influential systems of the body due to its anatomical and physiological role. To fully comprehend the Myofascial Release, it is important to understand the significance of fascia.


I have a new Wellness Center as well as I provide Mobile services that bring exceptional skills and results right to the comfort of your home.  Traveling from my home to yours within Seminole and the “Greater” Tampa Bay Area can be a start to get you moving again in order to allow you to take the next step and join me at my wellness center that has the feel and all the comforts of home. It is conveniently located at 2245 49th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33710.

*Will travel greater than 55+ miles but a nominal travel fee to be added*

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