Spirit Whisperer” my Mentor John F Barnes’ tale of great times ahead for Myofascial Release and Healthcare.  This great man has and is helping to guide and change the way in which not only health care is delivered but the way in which Myofascial Release can reshape ever aspect of your life. When we have fascial restrictions that create 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure on all structures that it touches within our bodies, it can’t help but do begin to strangle all aspects of who we are. By releasing the fascial restrictions we are releasing our selves from the constraints of every aspect of our daily lives. I do but don’t know how a mere fall off a treadmill lead to all that I have bared witness to within others as well as myself but I would take that fall a trillion times over to ensure that Myofascial Release became not only my health care standard but the way and manner in which I conduct my life. Take what you want and leave the rest. Be confident that a Barnes trained therapist will meet you where you are at and help cultivate the goals you desire. We can partner and go as far as you are willing to go. I never set an expectation or place judgement upon my clients.  There is no right or wrong in the depth to which you seek to explore Myofascial Release but there is one undeniable truth that it is the BEST decision you will ever make. Attached is a writing my John F. Barnes and I hope you enjoy!  Contact me for more information or to schedule your next appointment at myofascialrelease@tampabay.rr.com or visit https://www.mfroftampabay.com There is no time like the present.

Spirit Whisperer

Last year I had posted this ‘Spirit Whisperer’ article, which was relevant then and probably even more relevant now. I accurately predicted the explosion of Myofascial Release, which you have been witnessing and experiencing yourselves with the amazing amount of books being written on Myofascial Release, inspirational cards, videos and documentaries expounding on the benefits of Myofascial Release.
You are pioneers and an important part of the world’s newly emerging, highly effective therapy, Myofascial Release. Please read or re-read this post that will help you now to deal with the massive amount of changes ahead.

‘Spirit Whisperer’
My ancient warrior had been dormant for a while, however, a series of events have occurred over the past months and he’s back! At three separate seminars we had a couple people whose only purpose was to agitate. They seemed to forget that there were other people in the room as they tried to dominate the conversation and criticize every answer I gave. I waited for a long time, until it was obvious that they had an agenda and it was getting in the way of the other therapists’ experience. All of a sudden the force of the Ancient Warrior came through me; I turned toward them and stopped them in their tracks!

Many of you just starting on your Myofascial Release journey may be surprised at the resistance and fearful negativity you may encounter by doing something different. The fact that Myofascial Release helps others doesn’t seem to matter to those that oppose change and growth.
For most of us, when we start Myofascial Release, there is an inward struggle. Myofascial Release holds up a mirror for us to see our fears and limitations imposed upon us by the flawed paradigm thrust upon us by our education. You have all heard the computer analogy: garbage in, garbage out! Your struggle will lead to your inner power and joy. Never give up!

Years ago, as I was going through multiple attacks, I was reminded of an old Asian saying, “The nail that sticks out, gets hammered.” I thought about that for a while. The ancient warrior broke through one night and said “be stronger than the hammer!”
You’re all capable of being much stronger than any fear or attack that you may be going through. There’s an awakening happening and it’s our responsibility to discover our power to help others discover their power.

At MFR III, there was a group of therapists at my home and Linda Cohee, who is a highly experienced Myofascial Release therapist, was taking pictures of the sheer mountain peaks that surround me. When she checked all of the pictures were in color except this one. Take notice of the shaft of light that came through the mountains at that moment. Is it possible that’s what happened?
My ancient warrior has been communicating with me very strongly and commented “John, go deeply into stillness and listen…you are a “Spirit Whisperer!”…

The Ancient Warrior went on to say “Many have been going through turmoil lately, but know turmoil leads to a breakthrough. It’s already happened for many and will continue to happen for many of you as time goes on. Stay disciplined, be patient and receive treatment as much as you can. Many that you have taught are becoming quite seasoned and developing amazing skills, and are moving into the realm of “Spirit Whisperers” with you.”

The tide had turned a couple of years ago in favor of Myofascial Release. Most aren’t aware of it yet, but there has been a quantum shift of the Myofascial Release paradigm and it’s happening in a very deep way now.

When the principles of Myofascial Release are performed skillfully with love by a deeply centered therapist, a very special, important communication occurs that is beyond mental or verbal communication. In other words, the therapist and patient become entangled in the emotional vibration of love resonating or “whispering to their “spirit” or “essence” for profound, authentic healing!

As we engage the barrier, wait and then move into the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, mechanotransduction, then into the chaotic period of phase transition; the vibrational frequency of resonance occurs. Resonance is another word for release and opens a channel to the vibratory communication that allows us to access universal wisdom that flows between and enhances the two beings.

Let’s all help each other grow!
I wish you the best. Happy New Year!
Love, John

Spirit Whisperer - John Barnes Myofascial Release Photo

Spirit Whisperer

John Barnes Myofascial Release’s photo.