Myofascial Mobilization

Myofascial Mobilization

Myofascial Mobilization Never Forces, Never Injures

Myofascial Mobilization

This is NOT authentic Myofascial Release

Myofascial Mobilization

Myofascial Mobilization has long been a part of traditional physical therapy and to some extent massage therapy as well. It was forceful, hurt and often times caused more damage than necessary as well as results being temporary. Since 2013 when I myself sustained an injury, I have been on an unintentional path to find treatments that work, with lasting results. Many times I have had to unlearn what I was taught in my formal education, which has not been easy.  Once I felt and experienced the immediate results of myofascial release “The John Barnes Method” and how safe, gentle and non-forceful the approach is, I have been on a fast road of recovery, self discovery, learning, unlearning, revising and refining with each and every class I have taken.  The one class which was not on my radar was “myofascial mobilization” because I thought for sure I needed no help in that regards as to mobilizing the body by any means necessary was what I was unlearning. Finally, during my own intensive treatment in February, I realized that there just might be a better way to mobilize the tissues via the Barnes method and so I signed up for the Myofascial Mobilization seminar/class.  On this amazing journey that is approaching the 2 year mark, I am continually surprised and amazed by so many things that are fascial related.  Well the mobilization class did not disappoint in the least bit and as a matter of fact, it has been the most gentle of all the fascial seminars I have taken to date. I chuckled to myself that while I feared the word “mobilization”, it has been yet again another myofascial experience that has further developed and softened my touch and techniques.  If you are a therapist that has yet to take this course or if you are a therapist that has yet taken any of John Barnes Seminars, what are you waiting for?  This is an amazing course and don’t let the name fool you.   I was once of the mindset that my thirst was quenched after I graduated from college and not until I stumbled into a myofascial release seminar, did I learn how dehydrated on all levels I was. Just like the actual fluid that the body craves and needs to survive, just like the actual outcome of a myofascial release treatment which actually re-hydrates the fascial tissues of the body, these seminars leave the mind, body and spirit always thirst for information and education. I hope to always feel the thirst of knowledge and the satisfaction each class delivers.  If you are interested on seeing what Myofascial Release can do for you please feel free to contact me

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Feeling the Feelings with the Help of Myofascial Release

Feeling the Feelings with the Help of Myofascial Release


Feelings - We must Feel to Heal

The Story Doesn’t Matter, The Emotions and the Feelings Do!

Feeling felt begin without words, less talking.  Getting better at the ability to feel and ultimately to heal begins with the all encompassing approach called Myofascial Release.  When we talk about the event through words telling the story, the scenario of what has created pain or dysfunction within our body, mind or spirit, we lose the ability to really feel the emotions, restrictions and effects the event created within on our body’s primary system of function and communication called the Myofascial System.  The Myofascial System of the human body composed of Fascia is connected to every cell whether muscle, bone, nerve, or organ within that system and this includes other species of animals as well.   When we repeatedly talk about an event or injury over and over whether physical or emotional, we deny the myofascial system to fully process all those necessary feelings and emotions that the “story or cause” created within us.  We deny ourselves the ability to fully and completely heal.

Feel to Heal - We Must Begin to Feel to Heal

We Must Begin to Feel to Heal

As we begin to feel the feelings, whatever they are within our bodies and we begin to detach from the story of who, why, what, where or when the feelings were caused and/or created, we actually begin to make huge shifts in the physical state our bodies are in.  Do you really “think” you do not have feelings about a certain event that caused a physical strained on your body?  How about when the physical strain caused you an increase in discomfort or to have to miss out on something really important you were wanting to do?  How about when the physical strain caused you pain?

Feeling and Being Okay is Okay even if it is not Okay right now!

Being Okay is Ok even if it’s not Okay right now!

Sometimes we need to feel and “be” with and accept a particular emotion that is stirred up and felt within ourselves no matter how small or large, real or seemingly insignificant.  There is no set time frame in which we have to feel a certain emotion but there is one thing that is for definite and very real, if we do not feel and process emotions or the physical deficits that are involved with trauma, injury or emotional strains, it most certainly will cause dysfunction within the fascial system of our bodies.  The dysfunction in most cases is what is known as a restriction which is caused by a solidification of the ground substance of the fascia.  The ground substance in the body gives us our fluidity and flexibility and when injured its gives us tightness, restrictions and pain. The ground substance hardens and is kind of like water turning into ice, and can often feel as hard as bone.  This can in most cases be avoided and resolved if we process the emotions that we are feeling at the time they arise within us and let them be actually felt and then move through us and we can then maintain our fluidity and flexibility.

Feeling the Feelings to Heal

Getting Better at Feeling~JFB

Through the use of Myofascial Release, the Barnes Approach, a therapist can find areas of tightness and restrictions that are within the body’s fascia which causing aches or pains and can lead to an array of symptoms that can then become labels or names of various illnesses.  Myofascial Release can be utilized to simply to maintain a general state of well-being and even be used to improve physical abilities with various activities whether recreational or professional.  Myofascial Release can be used very effectively for poor postural alignment due to birthing injuries or sedentary activities of work and life. To completely resolve most types of fascial restrictions, one must get better at feeling and find a highly skilled Barnes trained Myofascial Release Therapist. For more information about what Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay can help assist you with please visit on line or call 727-755-1982.  I can feel you will not regret the decision to begin to feel and move your body and life like you have never felt before