Myofascial Self-Care

Myofascial Self-Care

Myofascial Release Self-Care ~ Self Love

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Myofascial Self-Care – The importance, The ease

Myofascial Self-Care is very important. Myofascial Self-Care is nothing like the painful home exercise programs of years past. I remember the time when my own doctor/therapist asked me if I had been doing the exercises that I had been shown, and the answer was ….NO!   I realized in that moment why I did not do as I was instructed even though I was a physical therapist assistant.  Simply, they were too painful as well as unmotivating and boring.   When something hurts or does not bring us joy or a reward, whether we are a therapist or not, we simply are not going to do them.  Myofascial Release Self Care follows the same principles as does Myofascial Release Therapy.  It is gentle, never forces, feels good, immediate results felt, progress is onward and upward and did I mention it is not Painful.  The motto no pain, no gain does not apply here. Actually the motto is pain equals no gain!

5 Minutes ~ All the time you need

Myofascial Release Self-care can be done just about anywhere and all you needs is at least 5 minutes. Self Care can be done when you first wake up, at the kitchen counter while waiting for coffee, in the car waiting at a stop light, in the shower, really anywhere.  Actually when the self-care is easy and painless, we all tend to “make” time verses find time. Another benefit is that it actually helps to not only maintain but to progress the ability of the fascia to continue to release between treatment sessions as well as address anything new that tends to arise within the body.  It is the goal of all myofascial release therapy for you the client to be able to take back full control of your body, mind, spirit, reclaiming your health and fully regain a pain-free active lifestyle. With myofascial release therapy you do recover more fully and you don’t have to been treated forever. Certainly, clients do enjoy receiving myofascial release and utilize it in a more preventative fashion like self-care being the daily brushing of teeth and a treatment like going to the hygienists for a deeper cleansing.

The Goal of Self-Care ~ The Goal of Therapy

Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay’s goal for each and everyone of us is to live a fluid, active, happy, pain-free life.  Whether you do or don’t have any certain specific pain or ache but would like to learn a better way of performing self-care stretching and exercise, myofascial self care is a great option for you too. We can teach and demonstrate various activities and techniques designed just for you. Visit to see how we can help you gain fascial freedom.