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I have had the most amazing experience with myofascial release, and particularly with Heather Bryan. She has healing hands. I have been suffering from chronic pain for at least ten years. So far, two sessions with Heather have given me more relief than all of the other modalities I have tried – And I have tried them all. Heather’s background in physical therapy and training with Dr. Barnes has given her the experience needed to heal those of us who have not been able to get results with more conventional therapy. I knew immediately that this was what my body has needed. I am so grateful to finally find relief and release! Thank you Heather.
Terry P.

Heather is a great MFR practitioner. She is compassionate and genuinely wants to help her clients. She has a great understanding of the body and the function of the fascia and it’s role in pain. Highly recommended!
Liz D.

Heather is a gifted MFR practitioner. She is is highly skilled, intuitive, caring, and has your best interest in mind. Her several years of experience in the medical field as a PTA adds to her credibility. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the best treatment – John F. Barnes approach to MyoFascial Release – if they are suffering from chronic pain and tightness.
Emily J.

Heather is the best , i was bedridden and was totally helpless when we met and she started therapy on me. Now, I can drive my car, go for shopping. I also took a trip to LA. this summer. Isn’t that awesome ? All credit goes to her. Highly recommend her.
John Smith

The skill, knowledge and ability of Heather in this field is amazing. Any questions or concerns you may have, she will be the one to answer them for you. She’s very dedicated to helping others feel better and be at their best. I love that any questions I had, she had the answers for me.

As a massage therapist myself, I understand the essential benefits of myofascial release. If the fascia is not released from restrictions there cannot be true progress in the improvement or elimination of pain. About a year ago I had been in extreme pain for about 8 months. After going to different massage therapists, physical therapists and doctors trying to get relief the pain was still there. I knew it was a restriction of the fascia, however, it is impossible to work on myself and too many therapists do not understand the process. I went on John Barnes MyoFascial Release website and found someone who did not work out. After resigning myself to living with pain, I again tried the website. I saw Heather’s name. She was in school for massage therapy and she offered to practice on me to get practical experience. I knew she had advanced training in myofascial release and a determination to really help others as she had been helped. One treatment session with her and my pain was completely gone. Even I could not believe it. The pain has never recurred and now that she is licensed and working, I have become her client in order to keep my body working pain free so I too can help others. She is professional, skilled, caring, knowledgeable and intuitive. Thank you Heather!


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