Therapy for the Therapist

Myofascial Release is not just for the client or patient, but it is for the “therapist” as well. Most myofascial release therapist found this amazing form of manual therapy as a patient, just like I did. Can you image the first person touching you with Myofascial Release (MFR) was none other than John Barnes himself?  Can you imagine knowing not one thing about this type of treatment except that you were in such agonizing pain and “nothing” you tried to help worked and in a moment of desperation and in need of continuing education credits, you set off on a plane and basically landed on stage under his knowing, gentle and compassionate touch?  Can you image then never looking back but forward into a life you did not think was possibly and with less pain?  Well I am living proof of those very facts.  Still not knowing how or why myofascial release worked only knowing that I needed to learn all I could about this most amazing form of manual therapy so that I could help my own clients and future ones as well.  There I was facing the only possibility of surgery in my thoracic and cervical spine, losing my ability to work, losing my ability to live life as I had only dreamed possible and in 12 days time I was not only a new me but I was becoming the person I always thought I might be but never believed in myself. I heard many times over those 12 days and the next few seminars that “we can only take a patient as far as we have ourselves gone”  Not really sure what all that meant but slowly it began to form a deeper understanding for me. See if I took seminars learning all I could, I could justify it in my mind that it wasn’t something that was just for me, others would benefit.  As I have gone further into the realms of myofascial release and have released more and more physical restrictions, I realized that there were some personal belief systems that were being released. Some where in my up bringing, I formed a belief that it was considered selfish to put yourself first and that was one big reason I took seminars and did not take advantage of the “Therapy for the Therapist” that John Barnes Myofascial Release Treatment centers offer both the therapist and patients from around the world. Then with each seminar and each treatment I began to truly feel and see that I was going to actually NEED a more intensive approach to fully release the physical restrictions that were a result of my more than 15 surgeries that I can recall. I decided that I would go ahead “one day” with an intensive but made the date of that far off into the distant future. Then in November at yet another seminar I again heard, “we can only take our patients/clients as far as we ourselves have gone or are willing to go” and in feeling the deeper layers that were well hidden within my body holding me and binding me so fiercely, I made the decision right then and there and on the lunch break I scheduled to go sooner rather than later to “Therapy for the Therapist”.

I will leave on Sunday February 21st for a week in Sedona, AZ at Therapy on The Rocks.  Normally the suggested amount of time is 2 weeks, but seeing that a week right now was all I could fit into the schedule I have added extra treatments each day and an entire extra day to the schedule. This is a great way to not only experience truly being a patient but into undoing the tissue memory of bracing and holding patterns. I know that there will be great moments of joy and some that are more difficult and yes therapeutically more painful but that is what is happening in my body and yours too on a daily basis, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the never ending loop of pain, tightening, squeezing, crushing 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure.  I know and believe 1000% in that fact of “we need to feel to heal” and I am ready and all in. This is where I know that I can only take my clients as far as I myself have gone and I know that I am going to full heal.  I know that I may not be like I was before all those surgeries but I will have 2000 pounds per square inch LESS crushing pressure and have more mobility and fluidity to perform the acrobatic swan dives and back flips that now only exists in my dreams, will be a reality!  This is an investment in not only my body but my mind, my spirit and in this amazing life I get to live as a Myofascial Release Therapist. The benefits far out weight the loss of never taking the plunge.  If you are interested in an intensive for yourself or someone you know please visits the links on my website for further details of this great gift that the treatment centers can provide whether its Sedona, AZ or Malvern, PA.


Sedona Arizona



mind, body, spirit, soul and you

mind, body, spirit, soul and you

Therapy on the Rocks (TOR)

Therapy on The Rocks

October 2014 Sedona AZ

Therapy on the Rocks


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