As I did traditional PT for 18 years, as realization came to my conscious awareness. One of the biggest reasons John F. Barnes, Myofascial Release Therapy when applied with PURELY and as authentically intended is so effective is because there is NO cookie cutter recipe. The techniques and manner in which it is delivered is the same but not how or where I as the therapist begins. It is not always treat this spot first for only 5 mins then here then here because the initial area of the fascial voice the manifest each day is or could be different and should always be addressed as such. This is one of the things I so love about JFBMFR is it is constantly changing, no more hot pack and 15 mins, ultrasound for 5 mins, joint mobs, stretching way beyond force, then an exercise then the bike or treadmill then ice and stim, repeat in 2 days. The condition, the symptom was treated not the person and not the fascia! But I am so fortunate to have found a different, a real way. Results that work not “well it kinda did”