Myofascial Release Treatments and Services

Heather Bryan, PTA, LMT

Heather Sabin Bryan, PTA, LMT, Owner, Lead Therapist
PTA 15701 ~ MA 79159 ~ MM 35592

Dedicated to Providing and Delivering Results that “Heal Energize Align Restore Transform” your Body Mind and Spirit, Helping to achieve Healing and Wholeness and Empowers YOU to reclaim your life and live as joyfully and actively as you desire!

Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay
provides an alternative to traditional therapy that provides Authentic Lasting results to reduce pain and dysfunction in the body and assists you in returning to an active pain-free lifestyle, enjoying all that life has to offer. I specialized in the John F. Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release.

Why Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay is not only the right choice but the only choice for you and your health?
Myofascial Release and Wellness of Tampa Bay has the skills to assist you in “UNDOING” the causes of the pain, restrictions, immobility or dysfunctions that are limiting your ability to live life AND has the advantage of “REMODELING and REPROGRAMMING” the functional ability of your “NEW and IMPROVED” fascial system. This is where the advantage of having over 21 years in the field of Physical Therapy is so beneficial. Why take something apart, repair and upgrade to only go back to performing everyday tasks of life in the same manner. This would be like replacing the worn out tires on your car but never addressing the mal-alignment that caused the tires to where out in the first place. When you receive services for the betterment of your body, mind and spirit, you will receive the full service package.  The aspect of creating new neural pathways is vitally important.  The human body’s muscles and nervous system needs to learn how to perform movements and activities in a better, safer, and more productive way in order to prevent the symptoms for ever returning.  The human body will divert to what is the easiest and familiar pattern if not guided to make new pathways.   In addition You and I together will always find ways and methods that will be most beneficial for your self-care programs.  Everyone is unique and individual and so should your treatment and self-care program.

Initial Evaluation & Treatment ~ 90 minutes

The Initial Evaluation includes a detailed Health History, Postural Analysis in both standing and laying down seeing the effects of gravity on your fascial system.  Then full length hands-on manual treatment is then provided.  At the end of the session as with each follow-up session, a self care program designed exclusively for you and your needs specifically as well as time for any additional questions or concerns.

Follow-up Treatment Sessions

Follow up treatment sessions range from 75-minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours and half and full day increments.  Please inquire as to which best suits your needs and level of care.  Each follow-up session will include review, revision or additions to your current self care program.

Treatment Packages Available

Available treatment packages.  Please contact to inquire. Please note that all packages require payment in full prior to Third follow-up appointment.

*Please note that all credit card/debit card transactions will be charged a $5.00 processing fee.

Myofascial Release Yoga & Wall Yoga

A unique and specialized form of yoga. Incorporates hands on assistance throughout the class. Small class size (1-6).


A combinaton of Restorative, Yin, Flow, Therapeutic Fascial Yoga along with Wall Yoga which incorporates Myofascial Release throughout.