To All My Valued Clients, Friends and Potential New Clients:

Thank you for all your support and understanding over the last few months when I became ill. I am convinced that these positive thoughts have contributed to my ongoing recovery.

I am excited to announce that I will be returning to my practice on a reduced schedule beginning July 29! More on those details in a minute.

Many of you were aware prior to me becoming ill that I had been planning on my friend and colleague, Tammy Kennedy, PT and fellow MFR practitioner, to join me at the practice to also treat clients because the business had grown so rapidly (thanks to all of you). Tammy is an accomplished physical therapist and is also John Barnes trained in several aspects of Myofascial Release therapy. Tammy and I have worked together for many years in Tampa prior to me opening my practice. On the website (, you will be able to read all about Tammy, her credentials, along with her interests. Tammy has already been treating clients at the office and has been received very positively. Typically, her treatment days will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

There is so much I want to do…..return to providing MFR treatments to adults and babies, working alongside Tammy, providing MFR yoga classes, hosting the mommy groups, and launching aquatic MFR. For the time being I will be in practice on a reduced schedule on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays, providing MFR treatments. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement!

I look forward to seeing each of you again. If I am unavailable to book due to my reduced schedule, please don’t hesitate to book on Tammy’s schedule. You can schedule an appointment by visiting the website and follow the prompt for “BOOK NOW”. You can review separate scheduling options for myself and Tammy. For new clients, in addition to scheduling your first appointment, you will receive electronically the patient intake/consent form. That form should be completed and returned electronically as soon as possible, as this is the key to finalizing your appointment slot made on the computer site.

Specific questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Tammy via e-mail. The e-mail address for your convenience is ( One of us will be back with you.

Thank you not only for your patronage but also your friendship, understanding and prayers!

Best always …….Heather Bryan, PTA, LMT, RYT

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