peggyThe month of October what a ride! Plane rides, Car Rides, Taxi Rides, Energetic Cosmic rides. We really can do what we set our intentions upon doing. I crossed the boarder into Canada to gain my Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner status both in Ontario and Internationally and ended that where it all began, on the footsteps of John F. Barnes,PT Myofascial Release founder and lead authority as well as my mentor. It was in my discovery of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) that I was becoming aware of energy, subtle energy. I experienced so very profound exchanges with his Subtle Energy instructor Dr. Peggy Fuhs, Ph.D.,C.R.N.P. What an amazing women. The energy aspect has truly brought the Myofascial Release to a whole new level, deeper but softer. I cannot express how very much I appreciate all aspects of my life and how I never thought in a million years that it could be this easy. I am eternally grateful for John F. Barnes and his entire network of tribe members that truly want to help eliminate fascial restrictions and give me, you, us our power back. The power to have a voice in our own health care. The ability to listen to our own intuition which we are told to ignore. I am forever on a path, the right path, not always easy, but is always moving onward and upward. Sure there maybe be bumps in the road, but this is life and Myofascial Release and Therapeutic Touch help to not make it a struggle.