Myofascial Release makes you feel like a Rainbow Unicorn Kitten with Butterfly Wings

Myofascial Release makes you feel like you are as brillant as a Rainbow colored Unicorn Kitten with Butterfly Wings


What are you searching for? Myofascial Release and a new way to experience life!

At my most recent seminar series with John Barnes Myofascial Release in Key West, Florida, I sat and shared a moment in time, a bite of sustenance, and a piece or two from the web of each of our pasts, present and future with what I hope to always call a friend, this is the question that was asked of me. For once my words failed me. I probably could write a book but without effort and without force and in a nut shell basically I am searching for: Nothing, Everything and More.



Myofascial Release makes you feel like Wonder Women - Super Hero in the making

Myofascial Release helps you become Super Hero

“Nothing” in regards to I have nothing more needed than right at this moment. Sure one can always desire more but that means not enjoying this moment right here right now. I was never appreciative of that before my discovery of MyoFascial Release and my mentor John Barnes. I am not the only one and there have been many before and will be many joining this path and way of living but he showed me I was special, loved, though I was full of restrictions that were preventing me from being who I was meant to be and that was not the real me. MyoFascial Release has shown a way to look at life and live life with rainbow sun glasses, vibrant luminescent wings and a heart full of radiant beaming love. The fairytale is right here right now. Myself as well as you can be that little kid that dressed themselves for the very first time and presented themselves so proudly to the world. For me it was a pair of green clogs with apples on top, a towel on my head to have long hair like Cher, Mork and Mindy rainbow suspenders, and wonder women under-roos and the matching lunch box. Where did that girl go? Well life and belief systems turned her into someone she did not recognize and couldn’t remember for the solidification of her, me, began so long ago. Amazing things happen when someone lays their hands upon you and gently sinks in to the depth barrier of our souls and waits for the tissues to soften and like magic, outcomes the person awakening to life just like sleeping beauty. So in regards to “nothing” as part of my answer to my search, if “nothing” more than today and being able to live life the way I was always intended to be then my search is complete and there is “nothing” more required.

Myofascial Release gives you Fluid Luminescent wings

Myofascial Release gives you Fluid Luminescent Wings

In regards to “More”, certainly there is a life time of restrictions to be released or a new injury or event to address with MyoFascial Release as a 44 year old body that feels as free as a 4 year old doesn’t bounce back so easily. Some of the layers of fascial restrictions have changed the tissue so much that it doesn’t return to complete fluidity and needs maintenance. Also More of everything. More love, more joy, more mobility, more radiance, more peace, more love, more of MyoFascial release, more of me, more releases of belief systems or the tethers of old ones. However the path to more is a place where I don’t reside for long because I would miss out on the right here right now and the present moment is pretty awesome.

In regards to “Everything”. I existed not knowing so much of this life, me, this world, and MyoFascial release, that I want to know everything about it. I want to explore all aspects of me as well. I want to experience every it of fascial freedom I can.  I want to have everything within my body that can be released. I want everything yet I want for nothing and am open to more. I want to see and explore more of this great planet and climb tall mountains and ride waves along ocean shores. Before MFR I lived in the past and worried about the future and was numb to the moment right now. My glass wasn’t even halfway full, it was cracked and couldn’t hold a drop except for pain, sorrow, regret, remorse and hopelessness. So to have experienced what MyoFascial Release can do for the body, mind and spirit is beyond words.  I have barrels of rainbow colored sparkling water that overflows and a curly cue drinking straw to drink that glorious water from. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a kid again, carefree, tip-toeing through the tulips? The kid that dressed themselves for the very first time? This can happen and I am living proof that you will have everything you need with MyoFascial Release, because you will get more than you ever expected and there is nothing that is better, safer, more effective or more gentle than MyoFascial Release by a highly trained John Barnes Therapist who can come directly to your door.  Myofascial Release can not only free up your aches and pains but give you a new lease on enjoying life.  What do you have to loose?  Give Myofascial release a try it really works. Go On Line, schedule today and experience this amazing work today.